Monday, March 3, 2008

Last Post

Sorry for any panic. The last post here.
Chalk it up to a pre-surgery need for distractions or part of the developing of my own voice in the blogosphere, but I've made a change.
I'm leaving both Written Wind and Faith to be Strong.
I'm moving to WordPress and For the Means of Grace.
Ultimately, it's time. I think I'm ready to meld these blogs together. And I think liked some of the options WordPress offered. I have no plans to take the Blogger pages down--I want to preserve the comments. But new posts will be on the new site.
I've already moved all of my posts over. The formatting is a little odd in some cases, but not to the point where it challenges understanding. (I hope, let me know if I'm wrong.)
So far, the changes I've made to this blog have been steps forward and opportunites to learn more about what I'm doing and what I want to be doing. I believe this move will be similar.
I look forward to seeing you all at For the Means of Grace.

(I'm cross-posting this on both of my Blogger sites.)