Saturday, July 28, 2007

A moment

This was easier to find than I'd feared.
It is a poem about a moment I was privileged to witness.

Her face glowed
Madonna and Child—the love of a miracle

For that child, crucifixion
For hers, who knows?

Months here, advances and set backs
Going home to a life of doctor’s visits

T-ball and drugs
Or, maybe, not at all

But none of that is hers right now
I know, I think she might

But for right now
No caveats, no caution, no fear

Just full born love

Written August 2006

Another Song

So, once is an abberation, but twice is something more. I'm not planning on making this a habit, but I will probably continue to post songs when I find some that make me think.
And on the topic of making me think, these are things this song makes me think about: Is the song condemning (even indirectly) placing a child up for adoption? Why not adopt? What does it mean to be willing to die to have a child (is this different from dying for a child you have)?
Still, despite these and similar questions I'm placing this here because I think this song writer (the singer is Kellie Coffey, and I tend to think she wrote this as well) captures something important about the struggle of infertility. I think it's good writing and that it deserves to be seen. So the post goes up. I'll put something I wrote up later today.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

What I Want

My last post was more about where I've been. This is about where I want to go, who I want to be. I felt that it was equally appropriate to this week of my life. (See previous post for as many answers as I'm giving out.)

To look back and say:
I have followed the call of God
(wherever it has led)
Preached the Gospel
(all times and all places)
Lived Christian Community
(even with those who dislike me)
Shared the joy that God loves me and you
(and have loved and been loved)
Helped others articulate theology
(for words bring understanding)
Been a voice for the less powered
(even when no one else was)
Never stopped learning
(the greatest challenge)
Called others to leadership
(because shared power is stronger)
Helped create hope that will outlive me
(there is no better legacy)
Gotten up every time I’ve fallen
(and learned from the bruises and scars)
Clung to a Kingdom realized, here and now
For this is the Gospel.

Written 7/17/07

Guess I got my hopeful poem after all...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


So this week is a week I celebrate in much the same manner other people give to their birthday. And I almost wish I was willing to give y'all more details, because vagueness makes this hard to describe. This week is the anniversary of my latest new chance at life. And in commemoration of that event, I wrote this:

Shadows of the past

Tomorrow dawns anew
and the same sun
which chases the dark away
helps define my shadows
some have one, but I have more
shadows of pain, sorrow and loss.

Falling off my heels, slow to fade
familiar, yet not welcome
shadows of the past,
things gone by,
dark days,
times that will not end.

Shadows from days long gone,
but events that outlast the sunset
days when the pain wouldn’t end
days when the sorrow debilitated
nights when there were no stars.
And yet…

And yet,
I am still here.
My dragons reduced to shadows,
following, yapping, diminished.
This time I know, that I survived,
that tomorrow will dawn anew,

Written 7/17/07 (I know, same day as post. Be impressed please.)

I wanted to write something happier, but I just couldn't get there yet. Maybe after another couple of years. I was still pleased that the last verse (stanza? too much time in Church I guess.) Held what hope it did. Just in case anyone is worried, please don't. My writing is often driven by "old" emotions because those are the ones I understand best.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Never Forget

So, this is may seem a little dark for the fourth of July, but it sort of fits with my mood. If you will forgive the editorial....We are so quick to praise our country and ourselves for the wisdom to be born within these borders that we often do forget the imperfections of this world and of humanity.

Future that isn't
it is the cry of parentless children,
childless parents.
nationless people
the cry of the grieving,
the troubled,
the oppressed
a cry torn from tear drenched throats,
whispered from parched tongues,
a plea between heartbeats
and etched into my soul:
Never Forget
the pain; the tears; the darkness; the loss
the pit; the grief; the aloneness; the ache
Never Forget
remember what was
remember what ought to be
remember the moment, the year of change
Never forget the future that isn’t

Written June 5, 2007

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Something a little different

So, this is neither my own work or poetry, but I thought it was good and important and worth the time and space here on my blog. Plus this way I will know where to find it.