Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The New Look

I liked the old look. Really. It would have been gone at least a month ago if I hadn't liked it. The problem was that as much as I liked it, I write really long lines in some of my poems.

This is a real connection. You see, in the old template a line could only be so long before the template automatically wrapped it around onto the next line WHERE IT DIDN'T BELONG. I know that this seems like a small thing to a lot of you, but it's not. I actually divide the lines of a poem for important reasons I may never be able to explain. Some words belong on the same line and not on separate lines. I could not let a template destroy this important factor in my writing. (My control issues are entirely appropriate in the context of how my blog template is/was destorting my writing.) So I changed templates.

I'm still working on liking this template, but it works better for the poetry. Still, this probably means more changes ahead. I'll only comment on them if there's a new or significant reason behind them.

Next problem--tabs. I need to be able to indent my lines, because some lines need to be indented. This thought process is unlikely to become clear to you unless I can show you how much better my work is when I can indent.

If you don't understand just accept, and tell me how to do indentation. Please?

(And see, if I didn't post poetry, you'd have to put up with this sort of illogical, quasi-whiny, defensive rhetoric on more regular basis. Don't worry, next week we'll be back to the [good, pensive, dark, hopeful, insert-own-adjective-here] poetry.)

10-25-07: So, this template will last for awhile. I'm not entirely happy with it either, but I like the style and the space for posting is a bit wider. Such is life.

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thrice said...

I have similar issues with Templates. It's hard for me to find one that is just right.