Wednesday, November 28, 2007

fingerpainting words

This is one of the joys of this blog. I never expected to be someone with a blog. Ever. But then I was. Really, that's all there is to that story. But this week I was reading Tandaina and Sophia (who has recently taken what I hope will be a break from her blog)'s commments about Flimsy Words. And then I wrote this.

Finger-painting words
spreading them around
feeling their consistency
between my fingers
thick dark words
watery rich words
lumpy bright words that won't flow together
smooth crystalline words
free to feel
to soak them through myself
until my fingers are dyed and
I need water
water that I may start again

written 11/28/07
With thanks to both Tandaina and Sophia.

1 comment:

Tandaina said...

Beautiful, I can feel those words. :)