Sunday, May 27, 2007

Out of the Sacristy

This is as close as I plan on coming to "outing" myself because there are other people who have seen this. This is also the post where we all learn that I'm deeply religious, something that you will read more about. I'm losing some of the formating here, but I'll figure it out later. Unless someone is willing to tell me....

I lift my praises, Mighty God, for work already done.
For support dedicated, leaders raised,
lives transforming.
I lift my thanks, Holy God, for work beginning.
For the stretch and pull of hearts opening
and minds thinking.
I lift my hopes, Awesome God, for that which is to come.
For promises treasures, for dreams dreamt,
for chances not yet taken.
In the name of the Everlasting God of change,
Written March 2006

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