Saturday, June 9, 2007

Summer Haircut

So yesterday I got a new haircut, impelled in part because of summer. I go to this little place that does good haircuts for a reasonable price and they don't talk too much, so I had time to have this idea.

An hour of odd mediation
Time for me, about me,
Well, almost me
One person’s focus, entirely
This stranger and I brought together
Through the medium of my hair
The warm water
Circling fingers
Sudsy Shampoo and creamy conditioner
Chairs that rise and fall
And spin round and round
Sharp sections of my hair, held up in clips
The wet shck of the scissors
Old memories gone,
Fallen away,
New edges to learn
New tricks to develop
Ideal for the slightly new me
New image,
New ideas
A little time with a blow dryer
I’m all set to go

written 6/8/07

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