Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What I do

Sort of at least...Here are a couple of poems/prayers I've written in conjunction with my life in the Church. This first one was written for use as a community gathered to worship. It is untitled.

Come Holy Spirit,
quieten our minds,
still our hearts,
strengthen our spirits.
Come among us
help us to recognize and
celebrate the Risen Christ. AMEN.
written spring 2007

This next one was written last summer while I was in the midst of some pretty intensive training/education that largely involved working with people. (How's that for saying a lot and nothing at all.)

I go, I talk, I listen
I love

My heart, my soul move to greet theirs
And what is between us becomes even more
Holy Communion

I leave,
though a bit of me stays
Still I am not less, but more
written summer 2006

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