Thursday, July 19, 2007

What I Want

My last post was more about where I've been. This is about where I want to go, who I want to be. I felt that it was equally appropriate to this week of my life. (See previous post for as many answers as I'm giving out.)

To look back and say:
I have followed the call of God
(wherever it has led)
Preached the Gospel
(all times and all places)
Lived Christian Community
(even with those who dislike me)
Shared the joy that God loves me and you
(and have loved and been loved)
Helped others articulate theology
(for words bring understanding)
Been a voice for the less powered
(even when no one else was)
Never stopped learning
(the greatest challenge)
Called others to leadership
(because shared power is stronger)
Helped create hope that will outlive me
(there is no better legacy)
Gotten up every time I’ve fallen
(and learned from the bruises and scars)
Clung to a Kingdom realized, here and now
For this is the Gospel.

Written 7/17/07

Guess I got my hopeful poem after all...


Sophia said...

This belongs on the wall of the chapel.

I love it.

ymp said...

High compliment indeed,
Thanks Sophia.