Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Never Forget

So, this is may seem a little dark for the fourth of July, but it sort of fits with my mood. If you will forgive the editorial....We are so quick to praise our country and ourselves for the wisdom to be born within these borders that we often do forget the imperfections of this world and of humanity.

Future that isn't
it is the cry of parentless children,
childless parents.
nationless people
the cry of the grieving,
the troubled,
the oppressed
a cry torn from tear drenched throats,
whispered from parched tongues,
a plea between heartbeats
and etched into my soul:
Never Forget
the pain; the tears; the darkness; the loss
the pit; the grief; the aloneness; the ache
Never Forget
remember what was
remember what ought to be
remember the moment, the year of change
Never forget the future that isn’t

Written June 5, 2007

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