Saturday, December 8, 2007

Are we there yet?

Advent is a tricky season. As Sophia said, it is eschatological (about waiting/hoping/believing in the realization of God's promise). It's also about Christmas and the baby in the manger. It's a season that seems to belong entirely to the Church, as merchandizing and marketing pushes Christmas itself (only 12 liturgical days) back before Thanksgiving. And what does that mean? I would offer that we as a church are really bad at claiming Advent. I wonder how much of that is because we don't know what to do with it as individuals.
Advent is about waiting and preparing (Mary), it's about doing and changing (John the Baptist), it is (as all liturgical seasons are) an aspect of daily life. But what is it we are getting ready for? Anybody?

are we there yet?
is this journey over?
for the road is rather long
and the scenery repeats

are we there yet?
can we stop now?
my feet are getting sore
and I'm ready to be done

are we there yet?
is this labor over?
I'm growing weary,
feeling a bit worn down

are we there yet?
are we even close?
'cause here's another one hungry
and they suffer still

are we there yet?
will we ever be?
the poor are still among us
and never seem to leave

are we there yet?
where are we?
the blind don't see,
we only guide them

are we there yet?
are we even moving?
the lame don't walk,
but my 'carry' is getting good

are we there yet?
can you see the end?
I don't know where we are
And I'm waiting for a sign

are we there yet?
and how will we know,
this end we keep on trying for
when we finally arrive

written 11/07

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Sophia said...

Just to let you know (as you could probably already tell) I'm officially back to blogging. I just couldn't stay away.