Monday, December 10, 2007

Waiting and Watching, responding to invitation

Christine over at Abbey of the Arts (a new and delightful discovery) offers a biweekly Invitation to Poetry. She posts a prompt and then adds any poems people respond with. I love the fact that there are in this world people with different gifts than I have. Check out her site, read what other people wrote. It's pretty impressive.
So here's my response to her ideas. It was challenging, fun, and advent-ish. Oh, and a great way to help put off writing those final papers.

we wait,
peering out from
behind hats and scarves
amid the multitude
hidden among
plain and poor
adorned and rich
eyes that speak of royalty
their greatest majesty that
which they watch
patiently waiting for fulfillment
teasing us with past deeds
waiting in response
waiting for response to
their challenge to do better still

Written 12/11/07

1 comment:

Abbey of the Arts said...

ymp, I'm glad you found your way to my blog -- welcome and thanks for your lovely contribution. Great images you offer.
Blessings to you, Christine